Xmas Fairy
Santa's Secret Grotto

The venue for this trip is Rovaniemi’s Santa Park, where Santa and his elves spend their days making toys and getting ready for Christmas. The huge underground grotto is made up of fairy-lit walkways, colourful workshops and festive shopping stalls, so there’s lots to explore. Another attraction here is the Ice Gallery, where the Ice Princess tells tales about the frozen sculptures. The real highlight, though, is meeting Santa in person. Little ones will get a Christmas present from him, and you can have a family photo taken.

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Fly to Rovaniemi

The magic begins as soon as you touch down. You’ll be greeted by Santa’s elves and whisked off to Rovaniemi’s Santa Park, where you’ll be given your own Lappish passport as a souvenir. Just so you know, lunch and all the activities below are included in the price of your trip. That said, it’s worth bringing extra euros for any shopping you want to do, or any other food and drink you might want to buy.

Train Ride

Aboard the trainHop onboard Santa Park’s train and find discover what happens behind the scenes in Santa’s toy factory. The journey will show you what the elves get up to during the different seasons of the year.

Elf School

Elf learing geographyFind out what it takes to qualify as one of Santa’s elves at Elf School. If you make the grade, you’ll earn the right to graduate and get a special certificate.

Biscuit Decorating

Pop in to Mrs Claus’ bakery and help one of Santa’s elves put the finishing touches to a batch of freshly-baked gingerbread.

Santa's Post Office

You can send a postcard to anywhere in the world from Santa Park’s Post Office. Better still, it’ll get its own Santa stamp on it.


Finally, when you’re feeling hungry, lunch is served in a pretty open-plan restaurant at the heart of the grotto. Time it right and you can watch the elves put on a show while you eat. For a full rundown of what’s in store, take a look at the itinerary. It’s worth noting, the day is yours to enjoy at your own pace, and you can do the activities in whatever order you like.

Outdoor Activities

Reindeer and husky sleigh rides, snowmobiling, sledging and mini skidoo adventures – you’ll never know how many ways there are to play in the snow until you visit Lapland. You’ll meet Santa’s reindeer, too. Plus, if you start to feel the chill, you can warm up with a hot berry juice around an open fire. We’ll make sure you can squeeze in as many activities as possible by wrapping you up in a cosy snow suit so you stay warm.

Arctic Storytelling

Story tellingExperience Lappish culture from a bygone era as a local shares age-old stories and legends about the region. You’ll find him in the outdoor area of the park, in a traditional Lappish tent.

Meet Santa

Santa CLausNo trip to Lapland is complete without meeting Santa, and now’s your chance to do just that. To really impress the big fella, ask the elves how to greet him in Finnish.

Home Time

When your day at Santa Park is over, Santa’s elves will take you back to the airport, ready for your flight home.




Lapland’s cosmopolitan capital Rovaniemi is surrounded by a picture-perfect landscape, loads of outdoor activities and plenty of culture. The Christmas spirit is everywhere. Kids will love the chance to meet Santa and go to elf school at Santa Park.

Santa Park : Approx. 30 minutes from Rovaniemi airport.

Elf Workshop


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  Exeter   Sat   02-Dec-17  
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 Fluid Pricing
Unlike some other daybreaks, the Santa's Secret Grotto works under a fluid pricing system which allows the price to change at any time. Please check pricing with reservations.

Temperatures in Lapland can dip to -20ºc or lower. You will be provided with thermal outfits and boots for outdoor activities, but please remember to wrap up warmly and bring your own hats, gloves and scarves.