Xmas Fairy
Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Imagine spending the day in Santa’s kingdom - flying from an airport near you - and still being home in time for supper. For our Winter Wonderland day break, we take you to a magical location in the far north of Finnish Lapland, close to a vast snowcovered wilderness and a million miles from the overcrowded, overcommercialised Lapland day-break destinations favoured by some of our competitors.

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Northern Lapland Day Trips to Enontekio

Winter Wonderland takes you into True Lapland, home of the Sámi people, and on the edge of Europe’s last unspoiled wilderness. There, you will experience a magical and unforgettable search through the wintry forests for Santa’s secret hideaway and each family will have an opportunity to make a private visit to talk with him in his cabin.  Plus, a chance to sample reindeer rides, snowmobiles and husky dog sleds.

A day to Remember

a ReindeerWe fly to Enontekiö airport, from where this magical day break takes you deep within the Arctic landscapes. Our price includes the protective warmth of a thermal suit and boots (essential in a region where the average December temperatures range between –7C and –35C) but please ensure that you bring additional scarves, hats and waterproof gloves.

A Winter Wonderland

You will enjoy a wide range of short taster activities each lasting a few minutes. Enjoy a sled journey, being drawn by an eager team of huskies, and an altogether calmer reindeer sleigh trip. The daybreak also includes a snowmobile trip when adults with a full UK driving licence have the opportunity to drive through the silent snowscapes (children pulled in a sleigh behind guide).  All major activities take place on a frzen lake or river. Your represetative will guide you throught the day in order to make the most of your time in the resort.

Exciting Snow Activities

As well as all the activities detailed above there will be time to play in the snow, giving children (and parents too!) the chance to enjoy toboganning, snowman-making and snowball fights! A warming two-course lunch is included in the price of your day break.

Search for Santa

The highlight of the day arrives when you venture into the snow-clad surroundings in the hope of finding the hidden log cabin where Santa sometimes stays at this time of the year. After a magical journey across a frozen river, each family will enjoy a private visit with Santa, who will find the time to talk to each child about their Christmas wishes.


Enontikö  is situated in Finland near the borders of Norway and Sweden.

So far north the pine and spruce trees give way to the lower growing birch trees and the open spaces let you truly experience the arctic wilderness.

This area gets the most snow in Finland and it can last from the end of October to the start of May.

With little manmade light pollution, with any luck you may be able to see the Aurora Borealis - the magical display of norhern lights .

Playing on a Kick-sled
Playing on a Kick-sled

Departure Day Date
  Birmingham   Sat   02-Dec-17  
  Glasgow   Sat   02-Dec-17  
  London Gatwick   Sun   03-Dec-17  
  East Midlands   Sun   03-Dec-17  
  Belfast   Sat   09-Dec-17  
  Leeds Bradford   Sat   09-Dec-17  
  Southampton   Sat   09-Dec-17  
  Edinburgh   Sun   10-Dec-17  
  Aberdeen   Sun   10-Dec-17  
  Manchester   Sun   10-Dec-17  
  Bournemouth   Sat   16-Dec-17  
  Durham Tees Valley   Sat   16-Dec-17  
  Cardiff   Sat   16-Dec-17  
  Doncaster   Sun   17-Dec-17  
  Bristol   Sun   17-Dec-17  
  Exeter   Sun   17-Dec-17  
  East Midlands   Tue   19-Dec-17  
  London Gatwick   Tue   19-Dec-17  
  Manchester   Tue   19-Dec-17  
  Birmingham   Wed   20-Dec-17  
  Stansted   Wed   20-Dec-17  
  Newcastle   Thu   21-Dec-17  
  Liverpool   Thu   21-Dec-17  
  Leeds Bradford   Fri   22-Dec-17  
  Bristol   Fri   22-Dec-17  
  Glasgow   Fri   22-Dec-17  
  Humberside   Sat   23-Dec-17  
  London Gatwick   Sat   23-Dec-17  
  Manchester   Sun   24-Dec-17  
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Prices Can Change - Check With Reservations
This is not a live booking system and, as much as we endeavour to keep all offers and prices up-to-date, daybreaks prices can change at any time. Once you have enquired Reservations will double-check the current pricing.

Temperatures in Lapland can dip to -20ºc or lower. You will be provided with thermal outfits and boots for outdoor activities, but please remember to wrap up warmly and bring your own hats, gloves and scarves.